Customer Feedback

"We like the new see through bags, they are bright and attractive and it’s good you can see that the bags are really full, so there’s no deceiving the customer, also they are much easier to handle.

The quality, seems to be better, as sometimes the flame is quite high and the heat quality is much more impressive than before, we just love the pellet fire and we sure do go through the pellets."

Malcolm & Maxine Canning
I far prefer the New bags, we have had them for a few weeks or so in Timaru..Love being able to see, the product... and the content of the bags..the bags happen to be nicer on the eye to, not that it really counts.. but I like them!
I loved the news letter, it was good to read what is going on...and get the facts instead of the gossip!
Keep up the hard work, keeping all of us warm!
Andiie Mcgregor
Well we are pleased to hear that it will be business as usual or maybe now more than usual, must say the new 15Kg bags look great. 
This has been our 3rd year with our Pellet fire and it just gets better & better, not having to organise firewood and just pushing the button to get it going is just a dream.
John & Catherine Cope

I always recommend natures flame pellets, they burn cleaner, are more consistent in size (not too big to evenly feed through the auger) & are less dusty than the opposition variety.  The new bags make it easier to see the product.
Mike Rickard
Growing up in Tokoroa, I have always enjoyed a fire for heating and the homely feel it provides.
I liked the pellet fire after staying with my sister who had one installed in her place quite a few years ago. The great heat it provides, which is able to be adjusted to suit makes it so easy to use. It also still gives the house a homely feel on a cold winter day or night.
When we moved to our property three years ago, it had no heating system. After being advised the cost to install the different heating appliances available, a pellet fire was the more economically so we took this option. Which we have enjoyed ever since.
I enjoy how easy it is to order my bags of pellets on line, with delivery usually taking place not long after placing my order. I know my husband likes this the most as gone are the days of chopping and stacking firewood. Now he just has a nice stack of bagged pellets in the corner of his garage to collect from for the fire.

Debra Giles

Good afternoon - having read the Nature's Flame Newsletter for September; my feedback since the purchase of my Nature's Flame pellet burner is simply AWESOME! Being very conservative and budget conscience, we use the fire during the winter months, from Friday evenings to Monday morning and it heats and warms our three bedroom home like a dream.  It looks good, is user friendly and relatively easy to clean.  The wood pellet bags are easy to stack and carry when needed.  The delivery service used when I purchase the wood pellet bags, provide very good service - advise you when the delivery is going to be made and arrive when they say they will.  They are helpful in unloading the bags from the pellet so it can be removed then and there. The only down side is when the power goes out and the fire eventually burns down but otherwise I have no regret in my purchase.  I promote to my family and friends when they are looking to install a heating system.
Esther Thompson





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I always recommend Nature's Flame pellets, they burn cleaner, are more consistent in size (not too big to evenly feed through the auger) & are less dusty than the opposition variety."

Mike Rickard



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