Apricus Solar Collectors

Why should you choose Apricus?

it is one of New Zealand's most energy efficient evacuated tube systems
it combines high performance, quality construction and style
it meets the quality standards of six international organisations
it gives you national installation and technical support
it is ideal for New Zealand's changeable weather
it is a superior system, providing greater annual output
it has a 10-year warranty on tubes
and a 15-year warranty on the copper header pipe of the solar collector

What will suit you?

Apricus is available as a 20 or 30 tube collector system. As a general rule of thumb our Apricus 20 Collector is perfect for a 180 litre cylinder and a household of 1 to 3 people, while the Apricus 30 suits the medium to larger sized family with a cylinder around 270 litres. Large families and commercial users can operate with larger cylinders and multiple sets of collectors.

An Apricus system will operate with low, medium and high pressure water systems.

Stainless Steel mounting frames and optional adjustable 'A' frames are available for flat or gently sloping roofs. The tubular shape dramatically reduces the risk of damage in high wind areas and the tubes are resistant to hail impact.

  Apricus 20 Apricus 30 Apricus 40
Overall length 1980mm 1980mm 1980mm
Unit height 156mm 156mm 156mm
Unit width 1496mm 2196mm 2992mm
Gross dry weight 63.5kg 94.8kg 127.0kg
House type up to 3 people up to 4 people up to 5 people
Hot water cylinder type 180 - 220 litres 270 - 300 litres 300 - 350 litres
Array of evacuated tubes 20 30 40
Absorber area 1.6m2 2.4m2 3.2m2

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like more information on our Apricus Solar products, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Get even better control over your hot water flow, and costs, with a controller from Switch. These can manage your solar arrays and cylinders. Controllers can integrate with home heating and manage a boiler, wetback, multiple radiators and an under-floor system as well. They can monitor water usage, internal and external temperatures and the amount of sunlight. Very advance controllers can also log into your computer and provide real-time graphs of system performance. Find out more by calling us on 0800 APRICUS (0800 277 428) or emailing us today!  Alternatively, contact your local Apricus Installer to arrange for a free assessment and

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Apricus Solar System Cross Section (click for larger image)



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